5 Latest Afrobeats Songs With 10x Replay Value – I love Track 1

As a music lover, I know you would like to know the hot afrobeat songs trending on the street with an 8–10x or more potential replay value, so that you don’t waste your time and data on whack sounds anymore.

Bother no more, since you are now here. My presence in the entertainment space is to fetch thrilling content that will amaze my audience and splash good vibes within their nerves.

I am Jazzkido, and I have taken the responsibility to never bring you down when it comes to supplying content that will resonate and add value to your restful moments.

While having my vanilla ice cream at Mac Dallas on Wednesday around 6pm, I stumbled on some music that safeguarded my moment throughout that chilly afternoon.

I have seen lots of people argue that no good music comes from Northern Nigeria, that every sound, whether afrobeats or hip-hop, either originated or was produced by a southerner and a few other regions.

I want to use this article as an eye-opener for those yet to do a deep dive into the contents of acts from Northern Nigeria.

5. Oh No No by Snowflexxy

If you are tired of all the lame songs on your Boomplay playlist, then start with Snowflexxy’s music today, and your journey will be a happy one from now on.

I wish I could have that one chance to link this guy with any big label like Mavins, DMW or even Empawa Africa because I was comfortably relatable to his unique vibrancy.

Oh No No is a genius product worthy of bargaining for top spots with some of your favorite music.

His entrance and wordplay are resourceful for these Gen Z moments, where we all party hard all night.

Artiste Name: Snowflexxy
Song Title: Oh No No

Released Date: March 26, 2024
Format: MP3/Audio High-Quality KBPS

Stream Oh No No On Audiomack Below;

4.  Wrong by Shepxy Afroboi

Almost every adult is heartbroken one way or another due to relationship negligence and greed.

I can relate to 95% of the lyrics in the song because everything Shepxy said either happened to me or someone close to me in the past.

I love emotional lyrics and thoughts that will flash back some parts of our reality activities.

In this song, Wrong, you will be amazed at how punctual and straight-forward the vocals ended.

Artiste Name: Shepxy Afroboi
Song Title: Wrong

Released Date: January 9, 2024
Format: MP3/Audio High-Quality KBPS

Stream Wrong by Shpexy Below;

3. GREEN LATERN by BillyGr33n

If what you desire is clean vocals that will jingle the breeze around you while having sweet times with your Cindrella, then I present to you Billygr33n.

GR33N LANTERN is a harmony of freely assembled lyrics thirsty to put you in the groove.

I want you to be in a cold environment with your partner or get a cold drink to accompany you while you buzz to this BillyGr33n new joint from A to Z.

Billygr33n Gr33n Lantern Mp3
Billygr33n Gr33n Lantern Mp3

If you spot any portion that weighs you down, come knock on my door and get your data.

Artiste Name: BillyGr33n
Song Title: Gr33n Lantern

Released Date: December 31, 2024
Format: MP3/Audio High-Quality KBPS

2. Loyal by Promphizy

If I don’t share this song with you, then I am not a loyal Aboki, Promphizy, hailing from Plateau state, is a gifted spirit with a lot of rhythmic projects.

The reason I prefer you get to know Promphizy via his sound, “Loyal,” is for the extra bonuses of diet he infused in between the attractive tempos.

Promphizy Loyal Mp3
Promphizy Loyal Mp3

From the first kick, you will know that something good is about whispering into your state of mind.

Artiste Name: Promphizy
Song Title: Loyal

Released Date: November 31, 2024
Format: MP3/Audio High-Quality KBPS

1. Wata by Ozee feat. Firstklaz

If you try playing this jam just after “Wrong by Shepxy“, you are going to meet the advance story of a cheat in a relationship.

Ozee is not new, but his sounds always hit differently because if you have grooved some of his old anthems like “Goga, Dan Nassarawa and Gigye” you will finalise on his versatility.

Wata is full of sleek rhymes that express betrayal.

The extensive aroma was putting Firstklaz immediately after the catchy hook, a bombastic taste of combo you will spend so much time cruising with.

Artiste Name: Ozee
Song Title: Wata
Featured Act: Firstklaz
Released Date: May 1, 2024

Format: MP3/Audio High-Quality KBPS

Stream Wata On Audiomack Below;

Lastly, playing these songs will boost your immune system and get you out of depression. Their reply value will make you forget all those songs on your old music playlist.

As a music lover you can download fresh songs here.


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