Boost Your Mood: 5 Songs To Start Your Week Right

Are you prepared to start your week off with a positive and energising bangs? Here on Abokimusic we have put together a hand-selected playlist of five excellent songs to brighten your spirits because music has the amazing ability to do just that.

These musical treasures are here to lift your spirits and set the stage for an amazing week ahead, whether you’re suffering from the Monday blues or are just looking for some inspiration.

Each song is a potent elixir for your spirit, with catchy sounds and lyrics that will stir your soul. Prepare to sing along, tap your feet, and let the rhythm of these songs bring joy to your days.

Groove Your Weather With The Latest Vibes Below;

1. Step Up

“Are you ready to dive into a musical journey that caters to your deepest desires? I’m talking about a sensational blend of top-notch vibes and expertly crafted keys, all masterfully fused into one. I’ve had the pleasure of immersing myself in “Step Up” for the past few days, and I can confidently attest to how it’s elevated my auditory experience.

This track, courtesy of Scope Gee, has miraculously transformed my lethargic mood into a whirlwind of vibrant memories. Scope Gee’s lyrical prowess is nothing short of astonishing, and he effortlessly navigates through each verse, sharing the limelight with an A-list Afrobeat maestro who can only be described as the voice of Nassarawa.

In “Step Up,” Scope Gee has truly outdone himself, marking a remarkable progression from his previous hit, “Vision.” His astute decision to collaborate with Ozee has resulted in a harmonious symphony of melodies that will resonate with music enthusiasts far and wide.


2. Mu Yin Allah Neh

If I’m going to introduce you to some grooves and sounds, you can bet it won’t be anything that dampens your spirits. These are jams that sync perfectly with your vibe and keep you riding high.

“Mu Yin Allah Neh” is a musical message crafted by none other than Kalito, who stands tall as the lead artist at Family Castle Music. In this track, he collaborates seamlessly with his in-house partner Khalid Jones, both of whom effortlessly weave intricate rhymes into the tapestry of the song.

What really sets this tune on fire is the electrifying presence of B O C Madaki, making a special appearance amidst the pulsating beats and tempos. This collaboration delivers a truly unique and rhythmically charged experience that places Madaki in a league of his own.

3. Jani

I must raise a toast to all the ladies out there and invite them to savor the exquisite flavor we’re currently indulging in. I’ve brought along a track that has the power to attract harmonious relationships, setting the stage for a tranquil state of mind.

Jani” has been enjoying a prominent spot in the top 3 of countless playlists for the past seven days, and it’s been a consistent source of goosebumps and heartwarming moments for its listeners.

There’s not a single moment in this song that doesn’t resonate profoundly. I’ve personally absorbed each and every captivating melody that flows seamlessly between the incredible duo of CdeeQ and Ahmerdy.


4. Kuyi Ku Gama

Every street-savvy individual must appreciate the way Madox TBB effortlessly connects with instrumentals. He skillfully taps into what continues to baffle the streets in his latest release, “Kuyi Ku Gama.”

“Kuyi Ku Gama” is a track that unapologetically calls out the haters, acknowledging their unintentional contribution to his success in the music scene. It sheds light on the fact that their negativity has only fueled his determination to rise above.

This song also boasts a collaboration with none other than the prominent Mahraz Number 1, bringing a fresh wave of new-school rhymes and bars that amplify the track’s impact.


5. The Street Knows

El Nelly has crafted a jam that delves into the undeniable realities of street life, and he’s making waves as he strategically maneuvers through the intricate music market system.

“The Street Knows” is a track that will have you on the edge of your seat, inspiring you to chase your dreams and infusing your mind with instant motivation. This electrifying jam features the dynamic collaboration of El Nelly and Venom, making it an unstoppable force in the music scene.


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