How To Add Your Second Phone Number To Your WhatsApp

How To Add Your Second Phone Number To Your WhatsApp

Hello and welcome to abokimusic, your number one goto tech solution website where we provide first hand solutions to tech problems. We recently wrote about How to Turn On VoLTE on your iphone Device” if you haven’t read please kindly do so as it is a well informative content. In today’s episode of tutorial, we are going to look at How to Add Your Second Phone Number To Your WhatsApp without stress. and without wasting much of your time, lets go into the deal. Keep reading below and learn.

Now alot of people seems to not know about this recent whatsapp feature and they use the app on a daily basis. The option is clearly there if you update your app. And if you can’t find it, simply update your app and see for yourself.

Add Your Second Number to Your WhatsApp

With this new WhatsApp feature, You can use your two numbers at thesame time without having any issues! you can use both numbers on one app. Keep reading the step by Step guide below let me show you how to do it like a pro!

Step 1. Go to your appstore or Playstore and search for Whatsapp

Step 2. Download the App or Kindly update your WhatsApp to the latest version

Step 3. Go to Settings on the App and tap on the dropdown arrow at the top right corner

Step 4. Scroll down and tap on add account. You will be able to add your second number just by filling the necessary information and then you are good to go!

That is it! as simple as ABC. If you follow the above steps carefully, you will be able to add your second phone number to your whatsapp account without having any issues and then use two accounts on one app.

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