How To Create and Subscribe a Whatsapp Channel (Full Guide)

How To Create and Subscribe a Whatsapp Channel

Welcome back to our website, on today’s episode of tutorial, we are going to look at how to create a whatsapp channel for your personal use or for you business! If you are a business owner, please this is for you, don’t look away please, you badly need this article so as to enable you create your channel for you business either large scale business or small scale. Without wasting much of your time, lets dive into the main deal and learn step by step guide on how to create a whatsapp channel.

What Is WhatsApp Channel?

WhatsApp channel is one of the latest features introduced by the whatsapp team to the whatsapp app. Just like whatsapp group, Whatsapp channel, is a broadcast tool for admins to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls but this time around it is a one-way thing. Only the admin has the power to send text, video, pictures etc. Subscribers cannot do thesame. I believe with is short explanations on what whatsapp channel is is being understood. Now lets look at how we can create and subscribe to whatsapp Channel below.

How To Create A WhatsApp Channel (Full Guide)

Without wasting much time, lets look at how one can create a whatsapp channel without much stress. Creating a whatsapp channel is very much easy, all you have to do is to follow my simple guides below

1. You must have a smart phone to download whatsapp on Playstore or Appstore

2. After you download the app, fill out the necessary information needed and register.

3. When you are done with the above step and you are finally inside the app, head to “Update”, There you will see status display and “Channel”

4. Click on the + sign, you will see two options there, “Find Channels” and “Create Channel”

5. Select the “Create Channel” option and then you will get this below, hit the continue button

6. After clicking on “Continue” above you will be taken to another page where you will get to give your channel name, description and upload a profile photo. If you do that, Click on “Create Channel”. See the image below.



7. If you carefully followed the above steps, then your channel should be successfully created without struggles. See the below image.

8. That is it…!! you now own a whatsapp channel! now its time to get people to subscribe to your channel and how do you do that?? All you have to do is to copy your channel link and share it to people and convincing them to follow! you can as well run campaigns on social media. See the image below how to share your channel link.

How to Subscribe To Any WhatsApp Channel

To subscribe to a Whatsapp channel is even more easier than creating a channel. Follow my guide below and learn.

1. Head to “Update” on you whatsapp App

2. Click on the plus + sign, you will see, “Find Channels” and “Create Channel”. Click on Find Channel

3. After clicking on Find Channel, a dropdown of whole lots of channels will surface with the plus + sign beside them. Scroll through and find any channel you want to subscribe to and hit the plus sign. That’s all! you are now a subscriber of that channel.

4. You can as well, search for a channel by using the search button.


You see it is very very simple to create and subscribe to a whatsApp channel, just focus and read our step by step guide and you will see that it is very easy. Thank you for reading our article. Kindly help us share to your friends.

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