Boubacar Kamara Should Be Casemiro’s Long Term Replacement. Here Is Why

Why Boubacar Kamara has To Be Signed By Manchester United

After a good first season at the club Casemiro has shown alot of decline in his game and therefore needs replacement soon and here is why Boubacar kamara has to be signed as the perfect replacement by Manchester United.

I Think #mufc need a holding midfielder in the Mold Of Rodri, Press Resistant In The Buildup phase, Having the ability to receive possession with their back to Goal under pressure and use their fluid turning ability and swift short passing to play out of pressure Situations.

While Amrabat is certainly not terrible at this his just lacks the fluidity in his movements to conceal his intentions being very clunky with the way he turns, making it easy for pressing players to read his next move.#mufc

Casemiro struggles even more than this not even really being the type of holding midfielder who is suited to playing out from the back under pressure.#mufc

Kobbie Mainoo however does have this ability but his ideal role in the squad is going to be as an understudy to someone that is already Elite but also being able to play in a double pivot alongside them.#mufc

Boubacar Kamara at this level is a master of disguise, Reminding me of Carrick, Opening his body to portray a pass or turning in one direction before then seamlessly being able to pivot in another direction As He showed against Arsenal And Manchester City. #mufc

He Has A Calming Simplicity to his game that means he doesn’t stand out as much as others but he does the basics very consistently, effectively and efficiently which makes him Emery’s Most Important Player and we saw how much the standard dropped against United when his was unfit

In Possession Some may call Kamara Limited I Mean from his FBREF in the Premier league This Season he is certainly not an elite level ball carrying midfielder who going to drive up the pitch nor is he going to be a creative force in the final third.#mufc

However when the opportunity is there to do so kamara can drive into space he doesn’t do this very often and I think it is a bonus, Being 24yrs old he yet doesn’t have that World class incisive or creative passing from deep that carrick had. #mufc

But I can Definitely See Him Developing This As He Gets older. What Kamara Excels At is using the ball Incredibly Efficiently, Knowing when to release a pass quickly to keep the tempo in the attack or when to hold the ball or bypass a pressing player and move the play on. #mufc

We Can Also See from his Pass Type Section from his Fbref, that he does register a fair amount of through balls and switches of play showing that he does have variety of passing in his locker. #mufc

BUT what I like about kamara is his Defensive Ability. He has The Perfect Blend of Tackling, Technique And Atletheism, Allowing him to cover Alot of ground and Also completing a high volume of Tackles and stopping around 50% of dribblers he has faced. #mufc

And His Composure In Possession also transfers to defensive situations as well with him not being rash like casemiro, Whereas Kamara Shows his high level of Football IQ by relying more on his body positioning and reading of play rather than just sheer Aggression. #mufc

Positionally I Think Kamara Is Far Superior Than The Options United Have Got Right Now, This Season United Have Been Highly Susceptible to late runs into the box and cut backs. #mufc

Having Played as a CB for large parts of his time in France, Has Instilled an impressive Level of defensive awareness in Kamara’s game, knowing when to sit high in the midfield line, when to drop off and track runs into the back and sometimes being a 3rd Centre back. #mufc

This Sort Of Versatility Is something United Has Lacked Over The Years, United Has Got Very Positionally Limited Players And United Will Be the worst Team When it comes to 5 Aside Football.

In Conclusion Kamara Posses Effectiveness In and out of possession, Playing with high energy and being able to play in congested Areas, All things Amrabat, Casemiro and Mctominay Don’t just have. #mufc

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