Training Update for NPC Enumerators as of March 30th, 2023

Alhaji Sa’eed Yusuf, the State Director of the National Population Commission (NPC) in Ilorin, stated in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the NPC has given a deadline of March 31 for all NPC enumerators who applied to take part in the forthcoming census to start their training. Prior to the training, all applicants will receive messages, and the training will last for seven days. Yusuf further added that applicants who are unsure of their participation may still be contacted. He also announced that center managers have completed their training, and he will ensure that all training facilities meet requirements. Despite the census date being changed to May, the NPC is well prepared for the exercise and its preceding activities. To ensure the success of the census, Yusuf called for greater material and financial support.

Important Information to Consider Prior to Attending NPC Training for Enumerators and Supervisors in 2023

  1. Prior to the training, participants are required to bring one of the documents they completed during their NPC Recruitment application on the first day of the training.
  2. It is mandatory for all participants to be informed of the training location in their state or local government
  3. Participants are required to bring an Android smartphone and a power bank to the training session.
  4. For health and safety reasons, pregnant and lactating women are not permitted to take part in the training.

During Training

  1. It is recommended that participants give their full attention to the training material presented during the session.
  2. The training allowances will be credited to the bank account submitted during the job application and temporary work approval. It is crucial to note that.
  3. Failing to attend the training will result in removal from the list of program beneficiaries. Therefore, attending the training is essential.

In addition, the National Population Commission has explicitly stated that individuals who decline to receive training will not receive any payment. It is imperative that all participants take the training seriously, attend all sessions, and contribute to the success of the census exercise.

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